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Frequently Asked Questions

Ace Alarm, Inc. gets lots of questions about security systems and home audio systems. This helpful information may also answer some of your most common questions.

I get frequent false alarms on my current system. Can I just ignore this? Are security systems supposed to be that sensitive?2017-09-11T08:23:11+00:00

False alarms are often the result of people not being trained on how to use the system or forgetting their codes. Sometimes it indicates that systems are not well maintained or installed property. Both can cause false alarms. Give Ace Alarm, Inc. a call so we can check your system for proper installation and maintenance. Ignoring false alarms is not advised. Frequent false alarms can result in municipal fines.

What are the advantages of installing a do-it-yourself security system?2017-09-11T08:23:17+00:00

You can save money, but it’s not an easy job. Installing a hard-wired system yourself can take days and maybe weeks. You have to install the wiring through your walls, which is not as simple as one may think. Professional installers install hundreds of systems so they can do them quickly and more effectively. Don’t trust your family’s security to a weekend-warrior job. Let the professionals at Ace Alarm, Inc. handle it for you.

How do I know which room in my home is right for surround sound?2017-09-11T08:23:00+00:00

Choose a room that is wider than it is deep. Make sure enough outlets are available on the wall where your television and DVD player will be located. You will want a room where you can sit about 10 feet away from the television. You’ll also want at least 5 feet on each side of the television for your side speakers. A room with soft materials like curtains, carpet and soft furniture will help absorb sound and improve sound quality.

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